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Save your Money with the Cloud

With the introduction of cloud based services small and large business operations can have all the technology they need to run their company at their finger tips. Without any of the Hugh Capital Costs that they used to have to pay to the giants such as Microsoft, HP, VM Ware, IBM etc

How can you save Money?. Easy!

Cloud based technology allows businesses to only pay for what they use.. thats right you only pay for what you use.

Where as in conventional IT systems you had to pay large amounts before you could use anything, only to learn 6 months later you had outgrown it or never really used everything you had paid for.

Services available in the Cloud:

Hosted Mail Solutions Email Backup, shared calendars, shared mailboxes, public folders and much more starting as little as $13 per month. (no more expensive onsite $13,000 servers required)

Remote Offsite Servers access you data from anywhere, all your data is backed up to an enterprise grade redundancy system for maximum up time and you again only pay for the resources you use, very cost effective.

Off-site Data Backup and Redundancy If you have a conventional onsite server setup you can backup your data to a secure off site location where it will be protected against fire, theft and accidental deletion of files.


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